SEA News: January 12, 2021

January 12 Board & Lunch Meeting Recap

I sure hope you were able to stay dry out there this week! 

Our new board met Tuesday morning via Zoom and chatted about the following items: 

  • A motion was made and approved to charge 1/2 dues for Q1 2021.
  • Each Member-at-Large has been assigned a list of members to connect with once per month. You should see an email or receive a phone call sometime in January!
  • We will continue with Zoom meetings until further notice. I have updated our calendar to list the phone-in option as well.
  • We are conducting a survey to determine if our members would participate in a covid-friendly SEA fair. Please click HERE to complete the survey.
Thank you to Terri Ellen for providing helpful advice for maintaining your sanity with the extra time you have at home during COVID-19! Extra thanks to Ron Hunsaker & Cindy Strawn for providing helpful visual aid for some of the ideas Terri shared. : ) I love that while we can’t see each other in person, we’re still able to connect and stay entertained!

Join us Tuesday as we talk about Google Reviews and Ad Words. Are they worth it for your business? 


Happy Friday!


Leads & Referrals

Karen Zager – Buzy Bee Concierge Service

1. My son Tanner to Chiropractic Physicians for treatment
2. A client (Applied Insights) to ABC for window cleaning and power washing
3. A client (Applied Insights) to Leupitz Pest Control
4. A client (Evenstad) to ABC for window cleaning
5. A client (MacAtoZ) to ONE DAY SIGNS for a lobby sign.

All moved forward with service, with the exception of One Day Sign, which is still pending.

Hollie Vanek, Farmers Insurance

Josh and Jess for referring Pat and Tara for personal insurance quotes!

2021 SEA Fair

To SEA Fair or Not? Please take a moment to share your personal opinion by clicking the link below! Thanks!

Elegant Catering

Here at Elegant Catering, we are adapting to feed our clients with all precautions taken to ensure the safety of our guests & staff. Offering individually packaged meals and disposable drop off services allow guests to still have their social events & business lunches. Our local, family owned, small business has been in the Willamette Valley for over 40 years. If you have a family or friend who is ill or has a new baby, we offer fresh made-to-order “take home” entrees that easily feed a family of 6 for only $38.50. We served over 700 individually boxed meals during the 2020 holiday season. Let us help you provide delicious foods for your upcoming event or business lunch. Safe, Convenient & Reliable – Elegant Catering

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