SEA News: Quarter 2 Plans

March, 2021: The Plan For 2nd Quarter

It’s such a good feeling to be able to eat INSIDE a restaurant again! The SEA board was able to meet in person this month at Broadway Coffee, and our main topic of conversation was how to get SEA moving back towards more normal operations. 

Many members have expressed interest in returning to in-person lunch, and I’m happy to announce that we will return to Marco Polo on Tuesday, April 6th! As with everything else in life post-quarantine, we’ll be adapting how we operate a bit, including a Zoom option for those who do not feel comfortable returning just yet. Take a look at the changes below for more information.

Until then, we’ll just be Zooming our way through March with weekly check-ins. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

See you soon!


Quarter 2 Details

Because of limited space in Marco Polo and the need for a Zoom option for some members, we will be running our dues process a bit differently. Each SEA member must choose between “In-Person” lunch or “Zoom” lunch. 

Regardless of your choice, our 75% attendance requirements will be reinstated beginning Tuesday, April 6th. 

We will begin regular programs, spotlights, and lead prizes on Tuesday, April 13 (we’ll need some time on the 6th just to catch up).

Please take a minute to complete the following form. This will help with Q2 Billing and lunch planning. Please note that lunches will be served individually, and the cost per plate has increased by a few dollars.


In-Person (13 lunches included): $310 for the quarter

Zoom (no weekly lunch): $112.50 for the quarter

Join us for Zoom Each Tuesday! Check out our calendar for information on weekly topics.

Sign up to donate a leads prize, give a member spotlight, or submit a topic idea.


Submit your weekly leads and member referrals online to be entered into our drawing.

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