SEA News: January 19, 2021

January 19 Board & Lunch Meeting Recap

It was a big week for our country as we welcome a new president into the ranks! 

Here in the SEA world, things aren’t quite as exciting, but we are trying to decide if we will hold a 2021 SEA Fair. We are conducting a survey to determine if our members would participate in a covid-friendly SEA fair. Please click HERE to complete the survey.

We chatted Tuesday about Google Reviews & Ad Words and the importance that they have in your own business. Many of our members currently ask for reviews from customers and feel that they really help their business gain exposure. 

Join us tomorrow as we talk about all things employees: managing, success, failures, struggles . . . we want to hear from you! 

Best wishes for a happy and productive week ahead! 


Leads & Referrals

Terri Ellen from Salem Bed & Biscuit referred Leupitz Contractors to Abby King. 

2021 SEA Fair

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