Membership Benefits

Salem Executives Association members work together and support one another, both personally and professionally. Our meetings, held each Tuesday at noon, are designed to build relationships with other committed business professionals, to learn about various member’s goods and services, and to share industry strengths and experiences. 

Weekly Exchange of Business Referrals

Share quality leads and referrals with a trusted network.

Quality Professional Relationships

Build long-lasting relationships with like-minded peers.

Education Opportunities From Industry Leaders

Learn and grow from member experiences.

Public Speaking & Presentation Experience

Improve presentation skills with regular opportunities to present.

Local Business Opportunities

Keep Salem economy growing by committing to buy local.

Increase Community Involvement

Our members are engaged and active in the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our current dues are $225 per quarter. All new members must pay a $50 joining fee. Dues for the first quarter of membership will be pro-rated based on join date. Membership includes one lunch per week.

Members must maintain 75% attendance to remain within good standing. Each member will be allowed up to two excused absences per quarter. Excused absenses must be communicated with the Executive Secretary within 24 hours of the meeting time.

No. Salem Executives Association is exclusive by nature and only allows one representative from each business category to join the organization.

Yes, we hold a silent auction in January of each year and a golf tournament in July. These events are social by nature and we encourage members to bring guests.

Meetings are held each Tuesday, except on legal holidays. Our board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 AM.

Yes, we encourage each business to have an alternate member that is willing and ready to attend lunch should the primary member not be available. 

The member by-laws can be reviewed here.

Ready to Join our Growing Network of Professionals?

To apply, your business category must be “open” as we allow only one member per business category. If we have an opening for your category, you will be invited to attend up to two meetings as our Guest. All applicants must have a member sponsor and be voted in by member majority.