Recently, you’ve noticed your carpets aren’t looking great. Over the years, they’ve slowly gotten tired and dingy looking, so you’ve decided to call a professional and give your floor a new lease on life. But whom should you call?

Oxi Fresh of Salem Carpet Cleaning! Unlike those old-fashioned companies who needlessly soak your carpets in dozens of gallons of water, Oxi Fresh has a revolutionary low-moisture cleaning system. We utilize a powerful oxygenated formula and a modern cleaning machine to eliminate and extract grime and gunk from deep within the carpet.

We’ll make your carpets look years younger and they’ll dry in just about one hour! To top it all off, Oxi Fresh is a green company. We help conserve water, save energy, and use products that are safe for kids and pets!

It’s not just your carpets we can save; Oxi Fresh also treats upholstery. Whether it’s a sofa that needs freshening up or a chair in desperate need of salvation, Oxi Fresh will be there to make your furniture look and feel fantastic.

Give your home a fresh look! Call Oxi Fresh today to schedule your appointment.

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